This week is Good Divorce week. For Resolution members this is an important campaigning week. As a member of Resolution I hope to change the experience of my clients.

What are Resolution asking for? It’s simple, no fault divorce. Currently if a couple want to divorce they must wait for two years and both must consent to the divorce, if one spouse does not consent they must wait for five years. The only other option is to allege the other person is at fault; either by committing adultery or by behaving unreasonably.

Resolution members are committed to reducing conflict and agreeing to a non-confrontational way of working that puts the best interests of a child first.

Conflict can cause long term harm to children, affecting their mental health, academic outcomes and their future romantic relationships.

The current law means that each year there are 100,000 divorces and in 2015 60% of divorces were granted on the grounds of behaviour or adultery.

Divorce is emotional, exhausting and full of anxiety for both adults and children.

My clients want to know that their situation can be resolved quickly, swiftly and amicably. I do not want to have to explain to them that unfortunately they will have to focus their attention on what their spouse has done wrong right at the start of proceedings.

A 2018 Resolution survey of its members showed that 90% of us say the current law makes it harder to reduce conflict between divorcing spouses and 80% feel the introduction of a no-fault divorce would help separating couples reach an agreement out of court.

Divorce is not easy. Good Divorce week is a week in which we ask for the law to be changed so that we can support and help those couples who are going through a divorce and are trying really hard to be amicable for the sake of the children that them all to move on in a healthy and dignified way without blame, anger and conflict.

Fiona Connah